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Learn about our upcoming internships and research opportunities!

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General Volunteer/Internship Opportunities (Ongoing)

Interested to learn more about the Gambian Marine and Environmental conservation ecosystems and learn about what part you can play in safekeeping the regions mangrove forests, clean rivers or oceans?

Send us a message today at

We are always accepting new volunteers.

MGK Educational Support (since 2023)

Working with the Foundation of Mama Gina's Kids - GMECI will support to disperse 30+ school backpacks and supplies to young students in the Ibotown area that are surrounding the location of the field school. Through this project, they hope in the future to assist with general education and health support for these students. These primary school students will also be supported through marine and environmental conservation children workshops. Keep an eye on this project!

Marine Pollution / Marine Research Project: Tilimal Guage Project (since 2023)

A research project that is ongoing to combat marine pollution in the Ibotown location where the field school is located. This project is supported by the core staff and young Gambian scientists and students that are passionate about marine research, technology and fighting marine pollution on our coastline. 

CCAHD Research Support (since 2022):

GMECI and the CCAHD work together with 13 other West African countries to support the education, awareness and research on the West African Atlantic Humpback dolphin through coastline surveys and hopes to develop to open ocean surveys to track/trace AHD activity on the Gambian shoreline. Learn more about CCAHD

Programs & Trainings: Welcome
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